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Immediate Access to Patient-Focused Medical Cannabis Doctors, Experts in natural and plant-based medicine via telehealth.

Medicinal Cannabis Doctors – CANNADOC

Initial Consultation $289

✔ Health summary & Consent form required

✔ GP Referral preferred but not required

✔ Telehealth Consultation

✔ Treatment plan tailored to your condition

✔ Education on your medicinal cannabis product
(effects, dosing and administration)

✔ Prescription sent to your preferred pharmacy

✔ Follow-up Consultations $75

✔ Additional/Emergency Scripts $50

Patient Information

Please contact us if you need an assessment for suitability of medicinal cannabis. Please fill in the patient registration and consent form below


Book Appointment

Appointments are done via Telehealth. Please book appointment using link below or call us on 1300 944 033


Patient Consultation

The doctor will educate you on medicinal cannabis and if clinically appropriate a prescription will be supplied.



With a valid prescription from Cannadoc, any pharmacy Australia wide can order our medicinal cannabis and send it directly to your door. We strive to make the whole process as easy and efficient as possible.


About Us

Cannadoc’s doctors are available now to assess the suitability of patients to access medicinal cannabis products and conduct pre-screening services in a completely private and confidential manner for all Australians who qualify. Whether you are in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Tasmania, Darwin, Gold Coast or Adelaide our practice can help with chronic conditions. We look forward to hearing from you.


Why Cannadoc?

✔ Our doctor consult will take up to 40 minutes for the initial consultation allowing us the time to deep dive into your medical history, to ensure the most appropriate medicinal cannabis product is prescribed.

✔ Free Screening via phone to determine eligibility

✔ Easily contactable and WE CARE

✔ Real, authentic, compassionate people behind the phone

✔ All-inclusive consultation with no hidden fees

✔ Free nurse support during business hours

✔ We send a formal update to the referring doctor around how patients are tracking

✔ Authorised Prescriber Doctor’s available to provide a quicker a turn-around time for medication

✔ Product Agnostic, we prescribe all products from a wide range of companies

✔ Guaranteed Satisfaction, with a 100% refund provided for the consultation if a TGA application is not approved

Cannadoc is a proud founding member of the Emerging Therapeutics Association of Australia

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