Migraines and Headache | Cannabis for Headache Disorders | Cannadoc

Headaches slow down nearly everyone at some point lasting a short while and often fixed with a bit of fresh air, change of lighting or a small break. A bad headache may be eased with paracetamol or other over the counter pain relief.

Migraines on the other hand, can stop people dead in their tracks. Often movement, noise or even light is too much to endure during a migraine attack. Patients complain of becoming bedridden, occasionally for multiple days at a time, with minimal true relief available to some sufferers.

While there have been great leaps in medication and treatments for migraines in recent years, often sufferers don’t want to risk the side effects for minimal reductions in pain or length of a migraine.

Working as an anti-inflammatory and pain-reliever, medicinal cannabis is believed to reduce the severity and regularity of migraines. Understanding triggers of migraines for patients is also key to reducing the pain, but not all triggers can be completely removed from everyday life.

The fully qualified doctors at Cannadoc may ask you about your work, stress, diet, hobbies, exercise habits, and other factors that have changed recently that may have contributed to your migraine headaches.

Along with diet and exercise, a holistic health plan (that may include medicinal cannabis) can be developed in consultation with the medical team at Cannadoc Health.  Plans could also include allied health practitioners such as an osteopath or physiotherapist to assist with reducing physical stress, improve movement, and hopefully reduce the frequency of headache symptoms occurring.

If you are experiencing migraines or painful headaches that are impacting your everyday life, reach out to the supportive team at Cannadoc to discuss a holistic care plan to get you back to living your life.