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Anxiety can be a one-off episode or can reoccur over many years in various ways, shapes or forms.  The causes of anxiety vary from individual to individual but often triggers can be shared by many members of our society.

One such trigger is traumatic community events. Recent events including the Coronavirus pandemic and the droughts in much of Australia and the bush fires in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, have taken a huge psychological toll on many people.

The timing of the COVID-19 crisis found people alone and not able to spend time with their families over the Easter period like the used to. Likewise, fires around the Christmas and New Year holiday period meant that people were visiting places outside of their normal secure environment and may have felt especially vulnerable.  These people are also unlikely to be accustomed to bushfire activity and the ferocity of bushfires, coming from suburban areas that do not normally experience fire events. Both unfortunate circumstances can lead to overwhelming feelings of helplessness and anxiety.

Severe stress from a loved one getting sick or losing all your possessions can be enough to bring on Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Seeing injured animals and other graphic scenes on TV or evening news will also impact the general public over time, even if it is not always immediately obvious.

Anxiety is a natural response to an overwhelmingly stressful situation, but bigger issues are caused when sufferers struggle to control their thoughts, ending up exhibiting in a range of physical symptoms, which can often be harmful.

Luckily, for sufferers there are a host of different treatments that can assist with managing such feelings to give patients back a sense of self control.

Having a supportive, holistic approach means that while triggers may present themselves from time to time, the physiological response to the stress can be better managed. Diet and exercise, along with medication have all been proven to reduce symptoms of anxiety.

One medicine which may have great benefit in reducing anxiety is cannabidiol or CBD, which is derived from the cannabis plant.  As expected, access to medicinal cannabis is highly regulated, with prescriptions being closely monitored and its prescription limited to expert practitioners.

Finding a doctor who truly understands your condition, as well as the best way to support your use of cannabinoid therapy is important. The team at Cannadoc Health are focused on working with all patients to achieve optimal therapy and long-term health outcomes.

Seasons will change and start to get better but being in control of anxiety and stressful feelings with the right medical care will give control and independence back to those in our society who struggle the most.

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