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If you have carried out in-depth research into plant-based therapies you might have noticed that the internet is filled with information. You might have even made the decision that this course of treatment is worth exploring. But one of the most frequent questions asked by patients before they begin plant-based medical treatments in Australia is what they can expect during the consultation process.

There are many things to anticipate before a consultation with a holistic health consultant, and it is important to be prepared, but the most reputable, fully qualified doctors will make the process as simple as possible.

If you are eligible for a consultation and are preparing for one, and feel slightly apprehensive or unsure about what it is likely to consist of, here are 7 things you can expect during a meeting with your plant-based therapy consultant.

1. Expect Paperwork and Applications

paper work

Before your consultation with your plant-based therapy doctor, which can last up to 45 minutes depending on various factors, you will need to first determine that you are eligible, before filling out your registration paperwork and pay an initial cost. The costs charged by a holistic health consultant are for the consultation itself, paperwork fees to bodies like the Department of Health and/or application/s to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for permits to access. (Plant-based medicines are regulated by the TGA.)

2. Prepare for a Discussion on Your Condition

After you have been deemed eligible for treatment, scheduled in your appointment with your holistic health consultant, and completed your registration paperwork, you will have your first consultation. This consultation will be through a telehealth appointment.

The consultation includes discussing your health condition, your symptoms and how the plant-based treatment works. You can expect to give information on your previous medical history with focus on a particular condition. If treatment with alternative medicines is not appropriate, we will let you know and provide other suggestions.

Your integrated heath solutions consultation also includes discussing the previous medications you have taken in the past for the specific condition you would like treated. It also includes a discussion on the medications that you are taking now, which is important as there is the potential for them to interact with the plant-based medication.

3. Expect to Give Your Reasons for Considering Plant-Based Medicines

Part of your consultation will include a discussion on why you have considered taking alternative medications. You might therefore want to prepare to describe the reasons why you have chosen this specific course of treatment. It might be that your previous medication options have had intolerable side effects or that they have been ineffective in treating your condition.

Also, as you are serious about this course of treatment, you should expect to give an outline as to what you expect from plant-based medicine as a treatment. You can expect your holistic health consultant to ask about your expectations. In this case it is important to be prepared to refer to any research you have undertaken and describe the potential benefits of plant-based therapies in relation to your specific condition.

4. You Will Learn About the Different Plant-Based Products

During your consultation with a holistic health doctor, you can also expect to receive the latest, most up to date information on integrated health solutions. Holistic health consultants aim to provide you with a detailed explanation on exactly what plant-based medicine is, in addition to how it is used.

Not only will you gain facts on the risks versus benefits, and the pros and cons of alternative medicines, your holistic health consultants will give you information on the science behind plant-based medicine and the range of products available. This might include the benefits and drawbacks of things like capsules or plant-based oil.

You can also expect to learn about the uses of alternative medicine, potential medical interactions of these medications and how to use them safely.

Plant-based medicines can interact with other medicines, which is why it is essential to inform your plant-based therapy consultant of the medications you are currently taking.

5. You Will Receive a Treatment Plan and a Dosing Guide


As part of your plant-based therapy consultation you will receive a treatment plan, which the nurse or doctor will explain to you in detail. You will also be given information on dosing and be guided through the minimal effective dose. This is important as the minimal effective dose will enable you to continue with your daily life while ensuring that you are getting the best care.

6. Your Consultant Will Discuss the Access Process With You

During your consultation with your plant-based therapy consultant, part of the discussion will include information on the access process.

Access and approval of alternative medicine is usually granted via access schemes such as the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Special Access Scheme. Your holistic health doctor will apply to the TGA to gain approval for the plant-based medical treatments. Expect to receive details about the alternative medicine access process, in addition to the various steps involved.

7. Expect to Receive a Follow Up in Four to Six Weeks for a Review of Your Progress

Your integrated health solutions consultant will also want to follow up with you and review your progress. You can expect to book another appointment in which you can discuss how you are progressing with your plant-based therapy treatments.

In addition to your treatment, you will be able to review the dose of plant-based medication you have been prescribed. Your holistic health consultant will be able to make adjustments to your dosage in line with your progress if required.


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