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Just as the alternative medicine industry in Australia gains momentum, the digital revolution within the medical industry has also begun. These two developments have benefitted both patients and doctors alike, and as more and more patients seek information on integrated health solutions, these innovative digital technologies are facilitating this process in so many ways.

If you are a first-time patient, or a patient already receiving a plant-based treatment and want to discover more about the benefits and advantages of a Telehealth consultation, read on to find out more.

What are Telehealth Services for Plant-Based Therapies?

Telehealth services for plant-based therapies enable eligible patients to access alternative medicine treatments in a remote way. The process involves using telecommunication to carry out a diagnosis, prescribe treatment or educate patients about the potential plant-based therapy options available to them. This means if you are unable to visit a plant-based medical clinic in person you can still be attended to by your alternative medicines doctor and have your consultations from home.

Telehealth services for integrated health solutions are usually carried out through a phone call or an online meeting via the internet. Although the preferred way to have your Telehealth consultation is via videoconferencing, whichever method you select, you will speak to a doctor who will advise you on the potential plant-based therapy options available for your specific health condition.

There are various Telehealth service companies available, which facilitate the process of being attended to by a holistic health doctor.

How Can I Access Plant-Based Therapies With a Telehealth Consultation?

Accessing plant-based therapies via Telehealth is usually done through referral. Patients are only eligible if they have been approved for this treatment by a medical practitioner. Your doctor will refer you to a holistic health doctor and, once you have received access, your plant-based therapy clinic can arrange consultations either face-to-face, via videoconference, over the phone or by Telehealth. This will even include selecting a local pharmacy to enable easy access to your medicines.

How Does Telehealth Help Patients Seeking Plant-Based Therapy Treatments?

Using Telehealth services is beneficial in many ways. Not only can those who live in remote locations benefit from being able to easily attend their consultations, it is also cost-effective and convenient, eliminating the need to travel great distances on a regular basis for many patients.

Telehealth services also enable patients to access holistic health treatments even if they have physiological difficulties or problems moving around. This means, even if you are physically impaired, you can attend your consultations without any complications.

The advantages of Telehealth also include the fact that alternative medicine prescriptions are easier to access. This means repeat prescriptions can be easily issued without the need to travel to a plant-based therapy clinic or attend your consultation in-person.

Taking all of these benefits together, Telehealth is also a stress-free experience. If you are a first-time patient looking for advice on potential integrated health solutions, the fact that you can attend your consultation from the comfort of your own home is an additional bonus.

How do Telehealth Services Compare to In-Person Appointments?

Telehealth services are different from in-person appointments in that your online doctor cannot assess your physical health or carry out a physical health examination. For this reason, ruling out an in-person consultation altogether should be avoided. This is not to say that Telehealth should never be used, but that in-person appointments are also important as well.

As mentioned, in a similar way to in-person appointments, a holistic health doctor can still prescribe alternative medicines via a Telehealth service. This means, although you shouldn’t neglect to have an in-person consultation with your alternative medicines doctor, each service is similar in terms of receiving your prescriptions.

There is also no need to wait in a doctor’s office beforehand to be seen, which means that plant-based therapy Telehealth services are usually faster than in-person appointments. This is beneficial for those who may work long hours and need to schedule a consultation with a holistic health doctor without losing time.

Although in certain circumstances an in-person visit might be more appropriate, Telehealth is considered particularly useful if your plant-based therapies doctor is familiar with you or already knows your medical history.

How do Costs Compare for In-Person and Telehealth Plant-Based Therapy Consultations?

The costs of Telehealth for plant-based therapy consultations are usually cheaper than an in-person consultation. This is because less money is spent on travelling to your plant-based medical clinic. The initial, comprehensive consultation at, for instance, costs $290 with a referral. There is also a self-referral option that costs $340, which requires a few additional steps such as obtaining medical reports.

Final Thoughts

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, the demand for holistic health solutions is steadily increasing, and with more and more patients trying to access alternative medicines, the benefits of Telehealth in this context are numerous. Not only can you cut travel costs and travel time, you can also have your plant-based therapy consultations from the comfort of your home if you are deemed eligible.

People Also Ask

What is the Difference Between Digitisation and Telehealth?

While digitisation encompasses the use of technology to provide appropriate prescriptions to patients, Telehealth usually refers to the telecommunications that practitioners use to provide health care remotely. Telehealth is a wide-ranging term that also includes consultation services, patient education and information given remotely.


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