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Are you considering commencing your treatment journey with Cannadoc? The idea of booking a plant-based therapy consultation can be daunting if you’re unsure where to begin and what to expect.

Each alternative medicine clinic operates differently with its own unique processes. At Cannadoc, our team is committed to ensuring our patients receive the highest standards of care right from the beginning. This includes making sure all prospective and current patients are clearly informed, supported and guided every step of the way.

Keep reading to learn what’s involved in the Cannadoc plant-based therapy patient journey.

Eligibility Check

Before you can book an appointment with our clinic, you must determine if you’re eligible. A simple and free process, you can check your eligibility online here or via phone screen with one of our friendly nurses.

If both of the following statements apply to you, you’re likely eligible for an appointment with Cannadoc:

  • You have a chronic medical condition diagnosed by a registered medical practitioner or GP
  • Standard medications and treatments have been unsuccessful in treating symptoms appropriately, or you experience adverse side effects

Book an Appointment

Once you’ve determined that you’re eligible for an appointment with Cannadoc, the next step is booking your initial consultation. All Cannadoc consultations are conducted via Telehealth, enabling you to conveniently connect with our holistic health doctors from the comfort of your own home (or wherever else in Australia you may be).

Understanding that not everyone’s situation is the same, our team is more than happy to facilitate three-way phone consultations between family members and carers. In extenuating circumstances, we can arrange video consultations for our patients.

Initial Consult

We pride ourselves on being thorough and getting to know each patient in detail – we believe in quality, not quantity and – as a result – we don’t rush our appointments. Your initial consultation will take roughly 30 minutes; during this time, your doctor will have a comprehensive discussion with you about your medical condition and symptoms. Your doctor will also explore your medical history and conditions to understand any previous difficulties, for example, previous medications that had intolerable side effects or were ineffective in treating your condition. All consultations with our patients are free of judgement – there are no right or wrong answers. We want you to be as honest as possible so that we can work together to produce the best outcome for you. At conclusion of your initial consultation, you will receive a comprehensive, tailored treatment plan. This will also include information on dosing and guidance on how to reach your therapeutic dose.

At the time of scheduling your initial consultation, we’ll take your payment details for booking purposes. Payment, however, will not be processed until after your appointment has taken place. Please note, no-shows may incur a $50 fee.

Leading up to your initial appointment, there are three documents you need to obtain and complete in advance:

Health Summary

A vital document that will help guide your discussion with your Cannadoc doctor, your health summary provides an overview of your medical record, including any medical conditions, medications (past and present), allergies / adverse reactions and immunisations. Your health summary will enable your Cannadoc doctor to fully comprehend your medical history to best tailor a treatment suited to your requirements for the most optimal outcome. Obtaining your health summary is easy – simply speak to reception at your regular GP clinic and ask them to send a copy directly to you or to our team here at Cannadoc. We recommend acquiring your health summary before booking your initial appointment to avoid any delays.

Registration & Consent Form

All new patients will need to fill out a registration and consent form. If you’re booking your initial consult online, you will be prompted to fill out the registration and consent form as part of the booking process, which can be done here. If you wish to book your initial consult via phone, our team will email you each form to complete.

By filling out our consent form, you can make an informed decision about proceeding with your alternative medicine treatment.


A referral from your regular GP helps us to better understand your needs. While this is the preferred process, we appreciate that sometimes obtaining a referral can be a barrier to access for many patients. If you’re having difficulty obtaining a referral, please reach out to our team for support.

Plant-Based Therapy Medication Collection

If clinically appropriate, a script will be written for the prescribed medication, which can be emailed directly to yourself and a preferred pharmacy for convenience. While you can have your script sent to your pharmacy of choice, we work closely with select pharmacies and dispensaries that are familiar with our products and carry stock on hand – this ensures minimal wait times and an efficient, seamless experience for our patients.

Upon receiving your script, a representative from the chosen pharmacy / dispensary will be in contact with you to arrange collection. The expected timeframe for collection is up to five business days from the date of your initial consult. It’s important to note that if more than five business days have passed and you still have not heard from your pharmacy, you should contact them as the first port of call, as it’s likely they’ve been unable to reach you. All repeat scripts will be kept at your pharmacy for your convenience.

Follow Up Appointments

All patients are encouraged to book a follow up appointment four to six weeks from their initial appointment. To ensure you are seen within an adequate timeframe and to avoid of running out of medication, we recommend booking your follow-up appointment at the time of your consultation. Alternatively, you can book your next appointment when you reach your last medication bottle. After your four-to-six week follow-up appointment, patients should schedule check-up appointments every three months to discuss and adjust treatment plans (if needed) and obtain repeat scripts. It is worth noting that it is the responsibility of our patients to book and stay up to date with their appointments.

Free Access to Plant-Based Therapy Support

We understand alternative medicine treatments can take some time to grasp, and you may have questions about your treatment and medication outside of your consults. Committed to ensuring all Cannadoc patients receive high-quality, personalised care, our knowledgeable nurses provide free phone support to you during operating hours. For example, you might have a question about side effects or want to gain clarity on whether you should book an appointment to discuss any other matters. Regardless of your query, our team is always happy to provide guidance to you at any stage throughout your holistic health journey.



Disclaimer: This is not intended to be used as medical advice or a substitute for your own practitioner’s advice, nor is it intended to be used for diagnosis or treatment for any illness/disease. Cannadoc & associated parties are not liable for any injury, loss or damage incurred by use of/reliance on information provided.