How Does Our Dispensing Time Frame and Process Work? | Blog
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We often get queries about how long it takes to be contacted by your pharmacy after we’ve written your script. Let us walk you through it.

After your consultation, we endeavour to have your e-script sent to the selected pharmacy that day. Please allow up to five business days to accommodate for busy periods. Scripts must remain at the pharmacy they have been sent to. You’ll be included in the email sent to the pharmacy, so please look out for it.

After this, a representative from the pharmacy will be in contact with you. If more than five business days have passed and you still haven’t heard from your pharmacy, please contact them as your first port of call, as it’s likely they’ve been trying to contact you and are unable to reach you. All repeat scripts will be kept at your pharmacy for your convenience.

Why Choose a Recommended Pharmacy for Your Script?

We work closely with select pharmacies and dispensaries in Melbourne that are familiar with our processes, to make the experience efficient and seamless for you. Your Cannadoc doctor will let you know about these pharmacies at your consultation. Benefits of using a recommended pharmacy include:

  • Easier turnaround times as they’re familiar with plant-based medications and are experienced in the ordering and dispensing process
  • Free express delivery to anywhere in Australia when you order more than one product at a time – ideal if you’re not near the recommended pharmacies
  • No price mark-ups – they honour the recommended retail price which can’t be guaranteed via other pharmacies

What if You Choose to go Through Your Own Pharmacy?

You’re welcome to go through the pharmacy of your choice. Here’s some more information on this process:

  • We’ll email you your script directly. This will incur a $15 administration fee
  • We can’t guarantee that each pharmacy dispenses plant-based medicines, so you’ll need to check with your chosen pharmacy beforehand
  • Possible delays while the pharmacy navigates scheduled medicine regulations
  • Possible delays while they locate a supplier or distributor for the prescribed products
  • Possible delays while the pharmacists undertake dosing and administration education
  • Unknown dispensing and shipping fees – pharmacies have been known to mark up the price of the product due to these extra processes

Have More Questions?

Our friendly team is here to help you anytime during business hours. If you have any enquiries about your script or this process, please contact us – opening hours 9am-6pm.

Disclaimer: This is not intended to be used as medical advice or a substitute for your own practitioner’s advice, nor is it intended to be used for diagnosis or treatment for any illness/disease. Cannadoc & associated parties are not liable for any injury, loss or damage incurred by use of/reliance on information provided.