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Cannadoc Adelaide Services

Medicinal cannabis use is gaining mainstream understanding and acceptance around the world today. Decades of research have affirmed its efficacy in treating chronic pain and illness, and patients in Australia can now explore these benefits for themselves.

In cases where traditional medicine proves ineffective for your pain or illness, medicinal plant-based treatments may be the alternative to give you respite.

Cannadoc offers patients the link between medical consultation and alternative, plant-based solutions. Our doctors are medical doctors who have developed their education in plant-based therapies. With their medical knowledge, they can consult with patients to design safe, tailored treatment plans for those suffering from pain or illness.


Cannadoc Services Adelaide

If you are struggling with chronic pain or illness, consider exploring what medicinal cannabis treatments are available to you through specialists in plant-based medicinal solutions.

Through telehealth consultations, Cannadoc offers Adelaide residents:

Comprehensive patient assessments

Beginning with a complete medical history, our doctors build an understanding of patients to ensure that any treatment considers past treatments and ailments. We then work with patients to discuss what kind of treatments they are comfortable with. Every treatment plan is customised to suit the specific needs and individual preferences of the patient.

Regular check-ups

As with all medicinal treatments, ongoing support is an important process to ensure that patients are comfortable, the treatment is working as planned, and any changes can be made if needed. It also provides ample opportunities for patients to ask more questions and remain comfortable with the treatment.

Medicines the meet regulatory standards

Cannadoc partners exclusively with pharmacies that meet the regulatory standards of the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia. All medicinal cannabis prescribed by Cannadoc is safe, regulated and ethically sourced.

Discretion and convenience guaranteed

Unlike traditional medications, medicinal cannabis is delivered to your door by our pharmacy partners so that you can retain discretion about your treatment, should you wish to.


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Patients may require a referral from their GP to secure an appointment with Cannadoc. If you’re unable to, you can assess your suitability with our online eligibility test or phone us on 1300 944 033.