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Cannadoc Brisbane Services

No one should have to suffer through chronic illness and pain. When traditional medical treatments fail to offer respite, patient-focused medical cannabis doctors may be able to help with tailored plant-based treatment solutions.

Across the world, the medicinal benefits of cannabis are being acknowledged and supported by communities and governments. Australia, too, is experiencing this shift. Cannadoc provides the point of contact for patients to learn about medicinal cannabis use and how to access safe and natural relief.

Cannadoc doctors are specialists in medicinal cannabis as well as traditional medicine. With their comprehensive medical knowledge across both sides, our doctors have a unique insight to guide patients on the best treatment plans for their ailments.

Cannadoc doctors consult with patients to assess whether or not medicinal cannabis is a suitable treatment and, if so, what dosage and conditions are recommended. Treatment solutions are offered only after extensive patient consultation. It’s important for us to understand the comprehensive history of patients and their personal preferences for treatment. Only then will we look to provide recommendations.

From the initial consultation and treatment plan recommendations, our doctor’s scheduled regular check-ups to monitor progress, assess the efficacy of the treatment and ensure patients are feeling comfortable and well.


Cannadoc Clinic Services Brisbane

Cannodoc welcomes Brisbane patients that struggle with chronic conditions, unable to find relief through traditional medicine.

Whether through telehealth or in-person at one of our clinics, Cannadoc offers:

Comprehensive patient consultations

Our doctors are personable, patient and well versed at asking the right questions to understand patients medical history, preferences and immediate needs. These comprehensive consultations also provide a chance for patients to ask questions to walk away comfortable about the use and expected effects of medicinal cannabis.

Ethically sourced, safe medicines

Partnering with suppliers of the highest quality, Cannadoc accepts only safe and ethically sourced medicines. Our pharmacy partners meet regulatory standards that protect the health and safety of patients.

Convenient access

With a treatment plan approved, medicinal cannabis is convenient to access, with partner pharmacies able to deliver dosages door to door for patient discretion.


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Assess your suitability with our online eligibility test, or contact us on 1300 944 033 to arrange an appointment.