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Cannadoc Gold Coast Services

When traditional medical treatments fail to offer respite for patients suffering from chronic illness or pain, medicinal cannabis could provide an alternative.

Today, the benefits of medicinal cannabis are being recognised across the globe. With legalisation in some countries shifting perception, the advantages of therapeutic plant-based treatments are gaining more mainstream acceptance. This shift is also happening in Australia, and medicinal cannabis treatments are now available to eligible patients.

Understandably, there is a process that must happen for patients to feel comfortable looking outside of traditional medical treatments. For that, Cannadoc offers personalised consultation with patients exploring medicinal cannabis to understand its benefits and how it is used to treat illness or chronic pain.

Cannadoc doctors are not only specialists in medicinal cannabis. They are also medical doctors able to assess patients from both perspectives to offer safe, plant-based solutions.


Cannadoc Gold Coast Services

Those on the Gold Coast suffering from chronic pain or illness are encouraged to consult with our team at Cannodoc to explore what medicinal cannabis solutions are available.

Offering telehealth consultations to Gold Coast residents, Cannadoc offers:

Detailed patient assessments

Thorough assessments mean we can confidently understand medical histories and personal preferences for treatment. During a consultation, patients can expect to go through a medical history, questions about their illness or pain, questions about what kind of treatment they prefer, and time for patients to ask our doctors all the questions needed to feel comfortable about the treatment.

Ongoing support

Cannadoc provides ongoing support to patients to ensure treatment is effective, patients continue to be comfortable, and the dosage is correct.

Safe, ethically sourced medicines

Cannadoc accepts only safe and ethically sourced medicines from Australian pharmacy partners that meet the Australian regulatory standards of the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Discreet, convenient access

To ensure discretion for our patients, our pharmacy partners deliver treatments straight to your door.


Contact Cannadoc Gold Coast

To arrange an appointment with the team at Cannadoc, contact us on 1300 944 033. Be aware that you may need a referral from your GP, or you can assess your suitability with our online eligibility test.