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No one should resign themselves to a life of suffering at the hands of chronic pain or illness. When traditional medicine is not adequate, customised plant-based treatments from medical cannabis doctors could offer relief.

As the benefits of cannabis go mainstream across the globe, acceptance of cannabis for the treatment of pain and illness is beginning to be regulated so that patients can access it safely through educated professionals. Cannadoc provides that service, with medical doctors on staff to consult with patients, ensuring treatment is tailored to patients’ medical history and personal needs.


Cannadoc Clinic Services Newcastle

Cannodoc welcomes Newcastle patients looking for medicinal cannabis treatments to help with ailments that traditional medicine has not been suitable in treating.

Whether through telehealth or in-person at one of our clinics, Cannadoc offers Newcastle residents:

1:1 detailed consultations

Our doctors are consultants, educators and medical professionals. When getting to know patients, they will complete a thorough medical history and learn about patients’ worries and personal preferences to design a tailored plan that addresses the issues and makes patients feel more comfortable. Consultations are also an opportunity for patients to ask questions about medicinal cannabis as a treatment for pain and illness.

Personalised follow-ups

Ensuring patients remain comfortable with the treatment plan and its effects, our doctors will schedule follow-ups to learn how the treatment is going. This is a chance to make changes, ask any further questions and ensure that patients are getting the best results possible.

Safe, ethical medicines

Cannadoc only partners will high-quality suppliers that provide safe and ethically sourced medicines. Our partner pharmacies are approved and regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.

Convenient drop-off

Medicinal cannabis is easy to access with our drop off program, where pharmacy partners delivering prescribed dosages straight to your door for guaranteed discretion.


Contact Cannadoc Newcastle

A referral from your GP may be required to access medicinal cannabis as a treatment. You can assess your suitability with our online eligibility test or contact us on 1300 944 033 to arrange an appointment.