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Cannadoc Sydney Services

When traditional treatment routes fail to provide relief, Cannadoc’s Patient-Focused Medical Cannabis Doctors help patients safely explore the options available through plant-based medicine.

Over recent years, the medicinal benefits of cannabis have been acknowledged across the world. This shift is also occurring here in Australia, but understandably, it can take time for patients to understand these new possibilities. That’s where Cannadoc steps in to help.

Cannadoc’s doctors have a comprehensive knowledge of plant-based medication and its applications, recommended dosages, as well as reactions. Tailored treatment solutions are required for every patient, designed after an extensive consultation that considers patient history, ailments and personal preferences about treatment.

Cannadoc works with you to determine your suitability to plant-based treatment and guide you through an education process regarding the benefits, as well as the possible side effects. Our doctors ensure that you do not go on this journey alone.

We work closely with you from the first consultation, right through your treatment plan, including regular check-ups to ensure the treatment plan is working and you’re feeling comfortable.


Cannadoc Sydney Clinic Services

Our Mossman clinic welcomes patients with conditions that have not found relief through traditional methods.

At our Sydney clinic, we offer:

Patient consultation services

Every new patient goes through a comprehensive initial consultation and then continues through ongoing consultation services to ensure that treatment is monitored effectively. Your consultations also provide the opportunity to discuss the various treatment options, ask questions about medicinal cannabis.

Safe, ethically sourced medicines

Cannadoc partners with suppliers of high-quality, safe and ethically sourced medicines. Working only with pharmacies that meet regulatory standards, we guarantee the health and safety of our patients.

Easy access

Purchasing medicinal cannabis is made easy with your choice of pharmacy or using one of our partner pharmacies delivering straight to your door to ensure discretion and making the process as smooth as possible for you.


Contact Cannadoc Sydney

To arrange a consultation with Cannadoc, you may need a referral from your GP. If you cannot get one, you can use our online eligibility test to determine your suitability, or you can call us on 1300 944 033.