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After decades of research on the benefits of cannabis for medicinal use, patients and GPs in Australia can now explore this treatment path in cases where traditional medical treatments have failed to provide relief.

Whether traditional medicines have been unhelpful or the side effects have proven too much to endure, medicinal cannabis could be a suitable alternative to treat chronic pain and illness.

Working with general practitioners, Cannadoc provides a link to the latest, evidence-based medicinal cannabis treatments.

Our medical team have traditional medical backgrounds as well as expertise in the use of cannabis for relief. With this dual knowledge, they can ensure safe, effective treatments that do not interfere with other traditional solutions.


Cannadoc Clinic Services Tasmania

If you are suffering from pain or illness, looking for alternative treatment solutions where traditional options have failed, we encourage you to get in contact with our team at Cannodoc.

In-person at our clinics or via telehealth, we provide Tasmanians with:

In-depth consultations

Cannadoc consultants will conduct a complete medical history and assess current ailments and treatments before discussing what treatments may be suitable. Our consultative approach ensures that treatment plans are safe, patients are thoroughly understood, and there is a long conversation about how the treatment works and what patients can expect.

Ongoing treatment assessments

A few weeks after treatment begins, we will arrange another consultation to discuss how the plan is going, and assess if any changes need to be made.

Regulated medicinal cannabis

Working with suppliers that meet the regulations of the Therapeutic Goods Administration, you can be confident that all medicine is safe and ethically sourced.

Medicine shipped to your door

With your valid prescription from Cannadoc, you can have one of our partner pharmacies ship the medicine straight to your door, so the entire process is smooth and discreet.


Contact Cannadoc Tasmania

To arrange an appointment you can phone Cannadoc on 1300 944 033. If you wish to assess your suitability, you can discuss this with your GP or complete our online assessment.