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Cannadoc Services in Tasmania

Cannadoc provides eligible patients in Tasmania with information on plant-based therapies and if clinically appropriate, convenient access to alternative medicines. Our doctors are highly experienced in assessing your condition and offering alternative treatments and tailored advice, to treat your specific needs. All Cannadoc consultations are done via telehealth making it an effortless process for patients in Tasmania. 

Cannadoc has partnered with our sister clinic, CDA Clinics, to service all new patients. Please follow the link to complete your new patient registration form.

Cannadoc Benefits for Tasmania Residents 

In depth one-on-one consultations with Cannadoc Australian registered doctors. 

Cannadoc doctors are consultants, educators and medical professionals. When getting to know patients, our doctors take the time to discuss the patients’ medical history and condition, educate the patient on alternative medicines and answer any questions or concerns the patient may have. At the conclusion of the assessment, the patient will receive a comprehensive plant-based treatment plan tailored to them. 


Convenient pharmacy medication pick up or delivery. 

Cannadoc recommends pharmacies for your script that are familiar with alternative medicines and are experienced in the ordering and dispensing process. This ensures minimal wait times and an efficient, seamless experience for our patients. If you cannot collect your medication from one of the select pharmacies, most of our recommended pharmacies offer free express delivery straight to your door. If you would like to go through your own chosen pharmacy, we can email you your script.


Personalised follow-ups.

Ensuring patients in Tasmania are happy with their plant-based therapy plan, our doctors will schedule follow-ups to assess how the treatment is going. This is a chance to review the treatment and ask questions to ensure that the patient is getting the best possible care. 


Free access to plant-based therapy support.

Committed to ensuring all Cannadoc patients in Tasmania receive high-quality, personalised care, our knowledgeable nurses provide free phone support to you during operating hours. Regardless of your query, our team is always happy to provide guidance at any stage throughout your holistic health journey. 


Contact Cannadoc Tasmania 


Opening hours: 9am-6pm (AEDT) Mon-Fri

Phone: 1300 944 033


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