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When traditional medical treatments fail to relieve chronic pain and illness, medicinal cannabis could be an alternative option for relief. In Australia, medicinal cannabis is offered to certain eligible patients for whom other solutions have not been helpful.

In collaboration with your GP, Cannadoc’s doctors can help to identify possible plant-based, evidence-based treatments using medicinal cannabis.

Now acknowledged across the world as a scientifically proven solution for pain and illness, medical professionals and patients in Australia can explore medicinal cannabis. Cannadoc acts as the link to educate and support both patients and GPs in determining effective plant-based treatments.

Cannadoc doctors are medical doctors, as well as specialists in medicinal cannabis treatments.


Cannadoc Clinic Services Wollongong

Patients in Wollongong seeking relief from pain and illness are encouraged to discuss the use of medicinal cannabis with their GP and Cannodoc.

We support patients both in-person at our clinics, as well as via telehealth delivering services:


Initial consultations consist of a thorough medical check, including a complete history and assessment of current ailments. Doctors will discuss the types of treatments medicinal cannabis can offer and determine the personal preferences of patients. With a full picture of the health and goals of the client, treatment options are customised.


Patients with treatment plans in place will go through follow-ups to ensure the solution is effective and patients are optimally comfortable. Follow-ups also allow for patients to ask any questions that may come up during treatment.

Regulated treatments

Cannadoc’s medicinal cannabis is safe and ethically sourced by pharmacy suppliers that meet the regulated standards of the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia.

Prescription delivery

Once prescribed a treatment solution, our pharmacy partners will deliver dosages door to door to guarantee full discretion for patients.


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To assess your suitability for medicinal cannabis treatments, you can complete our online eligibility test. You may be required to get a referral from your GP. Contact us on 1300 944 033 to discuss the process and arrange an appointment.