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Cannadoc Services Perth

In recent years, medicinal cannabis has been going through a global perspective shift. After decades of research, the benefits of cannabis for medicinal purposes have been acknowledged and adopted, including in Australia.

Under strict regulation, medicinal cannabis is now available to Australians suffering from chronic illness or pain that traditional medicine has not effectively treated.

Cannadoc doctors are specialists in medicinal cannabis use, as well as traditional medicine. Combining the two, they offer safe plant-based therapies to treat chronic illness and pain. We work with patients to better understand the use of cannabis as a medicinal treatment, answer any questions, and complete thorough assessments so that treatments can be tailored to suit each patient’s individual needs.


Cannadoc Services Perth

If you’re looking for safe, natural remedies to treat your pain or illness, Cannadoc services may be a solution to bring you relief.

Whether in person at one of our clinics or through telehealth consultations, Cannadoc offers Perth residents:

Complete patient consultations

Canndoc doctors spend time gathering historical medical information as well as personal accounts of your medical problems to assess the condition accurately. After comprehensive checks, our doctors will want to learn your personal preferences for treatment, what you’re comfortable with and what you expect. With all of this, they can begin to form a personalised treatment plan just for you.

Periodic follow-ups

To ensure you’re comfortable, and your treatment plan is effective, our doctors will schedule periodic check-ups. We want to know how the treatment is working for you during these updates and give you a chance to ask any further questions.

Medicines of the highest standards

All medicinal cannabis prescribed through Cannadoc is provided by pharmacy partners that source their medicinal cannabis ethically and under regulatory standards set by the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia.

Convenient and discreet

Once prescribed, your medicinal cannabis will be delivered to your door by our pharmacy partners so that your treatment is discreet and access is made simple.


Contact Cannadoc Perth

You may require a referral from your GP to secure an appointment with our team at Cannadoc. In cases where you cannot, you can do a self-assessment via our online eligibility test, or you can phone us on 1300 944 033.